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What sort of notarial services do we offer?

We offer a full and comprehensive notarial service and the types of documents that regularly require the services of a Notary Public include the following:

  • Ship protests;

  • Trust documents;

  • Declarations and Affidavits for overseas production;

  • Certified copies of original documents;

  • Bills of exchange;

  • Contracts of sale, leases and mortgage documents;

  • Documents for production in an oversaes court and public authority;

  • Intellectual property documents;

  • Certificates;

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Academic transcripts; and

  • Company documents of various descriptions.

Please note that the above are some examples and there are many other documents that may require the services of a notary. Generally speaking, any document for production overseas will most certainly require the services of a Notary Public.

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